Research interests

My main research interests revolve around user experience design for educational software; more specifically software to teach literacy, essential skills, and early computer science concepts.

I completed my PhD in the Department of Computing and Software at McMaster University under the supervision of Dr. Christopher Anand.

Articles published or accepted in refereed journals

Kevin Browne, Christopher Anand and Elizabeth Gosse. (2014) Gamification and serious game approaches for adult literacy tablet software. Entertainment Computing. Volume 5, Issue 3, August 2014, Pages 135–146. [pdf]

Kevin Browne and Christopher Anand. (2012) An Empirical Evaluation of User Interfaces for a Mobile Video Game. Entertainment Computing. Volume 3, Issue 1, January 2012, Pages 1–10. [pdf]

Kevin Browne, Sanzheng Qiao, and Yimin Wei. (2009) A Lanczos Bidiagonalization Algorithm for Hankel Matrices. Linear Algebra and Its Applications, 430: 1531-1543. [pdf]

Full papers published or accepted in refereed conferences

Christopher Anand, Kevin Browne. (2013) Gamification and Serious Game Approaches for Introductory Computer Science Tablet Software Gamification 2013. University of Waterloo, Stratford Ontario, October 3rd, 2013. (35% acceptance rate) [pdf]

Other refereed contributions (conference oral presentations)

Kevin Browne, Coconut Multicore Framework: Static Analysis Assisted Scheduling, Second Annual Carleton Cell BE Programming Workshop, Carleton University, Ottawa Ontario, May 15th, 2009.

Kevin Browne, New Optimization Problems Raised by Novel Multi-Core, Network-on-a-Chip Computation, MOPTA 2008, University of Guelph, Guelph Ontario, August 18-20, 2008.

Non-refereed contributions (conference oral presentations)

Kevin Browne, Verification of Circuit-switching Network-On-A-Chip Multicore Software, CASCON 2010, High-Performance Computing with Sparsity and Structure: Challenges and Directions for Single-Core and Multicore Hardware, November 1st 2010.

Kevin Browne, Analysis of Cell BE Scientific Applications Generated by Coconut, CASCON 2008, Workshop: Cell BE and Heterogeneous Multicore Systems: Architecture and Applications, Markham Ontario, October 27th 2008.

Non-refereed contributions (conference poster presentations)

Kevin Browne, Recursive Methods for Determining the Arithmetic Properties of Closed Form Expressions, East Coast Computer Algebra Day 2005, Ashland University, March 12th 2005. (NSERC USRA summer 2004 work)

Masters thesis

Browne, Kevin, “Performance Simulation with the Coconut Multicore Framework for the Cell/B.E.” (2009). [pdf]

PhD thesis

Browne, Kevin, “Gamification of Mobile Educational Software” (2016). [pdf]